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Benefits of working with surrogacy agencies

Updated: Apr 13

Working with a surrogacy service or going it alone is the first and most crucial decision for both intended parents and surrogates. Both have their advantages, but most people prefer the security of knowing they're in good hands. Although going it alone may seem like a good idea to some, partnering with a surrogacy agency is recommended. The correct surrogacy agency can help you avoid the anxiety and stress of this process. After all, even the most straightforward surrogacy journeys can be emotional and full of twists and turns.

Here are some of the advantages of working with a surrogacy agency in Florida to assist you in making your final decision.

1. Screening

Full-service surrogacy firms will provide you with a thorough screening process that will allow you to learn about your donor, surrogate, and intended parents' personal and medical histories. An agency has the resources to perform a thorough financial and criminal background investigation and administer the necessary medical testing to evaluate whether a healthy pregnancy is possible. Screening for sexually transmitted infections is also included in this procedure, which The American Society highly recommends for Reproductive Medicine. Aside from health and stability, you'll want to collaborate with others who share your ideas on important problems.

2. Advice from a professional

Surrogacy is, by definition, a complex procedure. Numerous moving parts must be controlled or attended to at any given time. A surrogacy journey requires many organizations, planning, and legal documents. A surrogacy agency is staffed with professionals who deal with intended parents daily. You can concentrate on enjoying the experience and prepare for your baby's arrival by allowing the experts to manage and guide your journey.

3. Availability of Legal Experts

Surrogacy law is probably not something you deal with every day. Knowing and comprehending the legal aspects of surrogacy is critical to a good surrogacy process. Contracts and legal requirements are essential parts of the surrogacy process. You'll want to engage with a firm with assisted reproductive technology (ART) lawyers on staff. Having a team of legal representatives on staff simplifies communication between the program coordinator and legal professionals and maintains your journey's supervision under one roof.

4. Assistance is available around the clock.

Surrogacy organizations recognize that the surrogacy process isn't just a day-to-day endeavour and that you may require assistance and advice outside of working hours. That's why your specialist will be available to you at surrogacy agencies near you, anytime you need her. Your expert will check in with you every week to see how you're doing and how your pregnancy is growing, even if you haven't needed her help.

5. Wise Financial management

Throughout the surrogacy procedure, surrogacy organizations can assist intended parents in managing their funds. They give intended parents a clear picture of upfront costs to budget appropriately and avoid any surprise charges. Agencies frequently cover extra expenditures made during the most common voyage contingencies like failed transfer, Additional drugs, Miscarriages, etc.

As a gestational surrogate, you will be safeguarded from having to pay any fees during the process by the agency. It will be the responsibility of the intended parents to cover all service charges such as support, counselling, contact mediation, maternity apparel, and so on. This way, you can focus solely on having a safe and joyful pregnancy.

6. A large number of matches to choose from

Surrogacy organizations can choose from a large pool of intended parents and gestational surrogates. They'll assist you in finding gestational carriers or intended parents that match your particular tastes and meet all of the surrogacy standards. This will save you time, especially considering that private surrogacy might take a year or longer to locate the appropriate match. Both sides are less stressed. While becoming a surrogate, you must manage the logistics and communication with independent surrogacy.

This places even more responsibility on independent surrogates, potentially adding friction and needless hurdles to the trip for both intended parents and surrogates. Throughout the journey, agencies serve as a single point of contact, coordinating medical, legal, financial, and other stakeholders. This will shield you from dangers and liabilities because your agency will have the essential experience and knowledge to guide you through this journey.


Surrogacy is an excellent procedure, but it can be challenging to navigate. From matching with a gestational carrier (GC) to bringing your baby home, and everything in between, having the help of a qualified surrogacy agency like First Step Surrogacy and Egg Donation makes the process go more smoothly.

Surrogacy services can also help you with any medical or legal issues that arise along the way to parenthood. Using a surrogacy agency or not using one for your surrogacy journey is a very personal decision. Going without an agency may appear to save you money in the short term, but it can end up costing you a lot more in the long run if an issue arises.

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