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Make The Dream Of Parenthood Possible
Becoming a Surrogate Mother 


Thank you for considering the life-changing experience of being a surrogate. The selflessness and compassion of women like you have helped countless parents realize their dreams of parenthood all over the world. Surrogacy is an awesome responsibility that gives hope to those unable to carry pregnancies and you’d play an integral part like a gestational surrogate in helping them build and grow their own families in a surrogate process.

We understand surrogacy is a huge decision for you and your own family. Read below for some things you should know about surrogacy at our agency. You can also schedule a complimentary consultation with us to have a more personal and detailed conversation before applying to the screening process and surrogacy contract. On behalf of everyone at First Step, we welcome you to our family and look forward to guiding you through the rewarding process of surrogacy!

Becoming a Surrogate at First Step

Like most other surrogacy agencies in the US, First Step uses gestational surrogacy as the chosen method for third-party reproduction. Unlike traditional surrogacy, with gestational surrogacy, you are not biologically related to the child(ren) you’d carry. Since your own eggs are not used in the process, the egg comes from the intended mother or an egg donor, and the sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor. About the embryo transfer, first, the embryo is then created through IVF and once ready, transferred to you, the surrogate. 


From the moment you apply with First Step, you will have an experienced and dedicated case manager to assist and guide you through the entire surrogacy process from application to birth and beyond. Your case manager will counsel you through paperwork, the matching process, legal considerations, medical protocols, the legal contract, and more. We seek to get to know you and your unique needs to provide the most personalized experience possible. 

First Step allows surrogates to decide on their preferences when it comes to being matched with intended parents. We work with single or coupled intended parents from all ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, and locations. The gestational carrier who applies to be a surrogate is excited about helping others achieve their dreams of being a parent. Financially, being a surrogate is an admirable way to help your own family while helping another one grow through American society for reproductive.

Becoming a surrogate involves a few steps and several gestational surrogate requirements, some of which are listed below. It will be important to understand these before applying. If you’re ready to start your surrogacy journey, contact us for free to take the first step.

Surrogacy Requirements

First Step requires each surrogate applicant to meet specific qualifications in order to be accepted into the surrogacy program of the society for reproductive medicine. Below is a list of minimum requirements, although each surrogacy application is considered on a case-by-case basis. Such as being how many times you have been a surrogate. If you have additional questions about our surrogate mother requirements, please feel free to address them with a surrogacy professional during your consultation. 

Application and Background For Qualifying As a Surrogate

  • Complete an in-depth application and personal interview with First Step that includes details about family life, employment, medical history, medical screenings, and motivation for being a surrogate

  • Be a citizen of the United States and between the ages of 21-45.

  • Live in a state that is surrogacy friendly. States where surrogacy is illegal to include: Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

  • Pass a criminal background check (for both surrogate and partner if applicable)

 Health Requirements

  • Complete a full medical record review by IVF physician including previous pregnancies and deliveries, with completion of at least one full-term pregnancy and delivery.

  • Complete and pass medical examinations that include an intrauterine ultrasound and infectious disease screening with written consent from OBGYN to carry a pregnancy.

  • Have not had a past occurrence of serious pregnancy complications. We value the mental health and safety of our surrogates and the babies they carry so we do not accept surrogates with a history of pregnancy complications.

  • Do not have any health conditions that can become worse with pregnancy

  • Be in overall good health with BMI of 35 or less

Evaluation and Insurance

  • Complete and pass a drug screening of drugs and nicotine. 

  • Complete psychological evaluations (for both surrogate and partner if applicable) and not have any psychiatric illness.

  • Receive third-party review and pre-approval of health insurance policy to determine if an existing policy can be used for surrogate pregnancy.

  • Be financially fit with no form of government financial assistance and be in a healthy living situation.

Still interested? 

Find out if you qualify by getting started!

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