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Surrogacy Agency-First Step Surrogacy

Surrogacy Agency

We are an egg donation and surrogate agency devoted to helping you on your journey to be a parent or enable others to be parents. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to be a parent. Whether you want to be an intended parent, a surrogate mother, or an egg donor, we can help you in the same way we have helped build many families for many years.

Are you looking for the best surrogate agency?

We’re glad you are here because we are one of the best surrogate agencies in the sector. If you are thinking of becoming a surrogate mother or becoming a parent through surrogacy, you need to find the best surrogate agency. Surrogacy is a long journey and can change your life. Therefore it is best not to embark on it blindly. 

Why choose First Step Surrogacy over other surrogacy companies? 

Many things make us the best surrogates agency:

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  • We are a knowledgeable surrogacy and egg donor agency. Our experience allows providing a high success rate. We have made parenthood possible for many families, and now it’s your turn. 

  • Our agency works with selflessness surrogates and egg donors, willing to help people become parents. Also, we work with surrogacy professionals such as accountants, social workers, lawyers, program managers, and doctors who can advise you throughout the process.

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  • We consider every surrogacy process as if it were our journey. We have empathy for every person we associate with, are emotionally involved, and are committed to your success because we think every person should have the chance to become a parent.

  • We understand every surrogacy process is different. That's why our surrogacy programs are tailored to different needs and budgets.

  • We partner with the best fertility clinics in South Florida.

Gestational carrier agency

A gestational carrier (also known as a gestational surrogate) is a woman who carries and delivers a baby for other individuals and couples who can’t have children. Unlike traditional surrogacy, the child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother in gestational surrogacy. The gestational carrier doesn’t provide her eggs for conception. Instead, the in vitro-fertilization is done using the intended mother's eggs or the eggs supplied by a donor. In other cases, even an embryo donor. 


Becoming a gestational surrogate is a vital decision. Therefore you should take your time to decide and ask for help if you have questions. By becoming a surrogate, you will help intended parents to become parents. If you have the desire and willingness to give the gift of life to another family, you should consider becoming a surrogate. Surrogacy is the most generous and unique thing you can do to help new families.

We’re one of the top surrogate companies supporting you during your surrogacy journey.

Whether you want to be a surrogate mother, an egg donor, or a parent through surrogacy, picking the best surrogacy agency is the first step to starting a surrogacy process. At First Step Surrogacy, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of having your own family through surrogacy. We have many years of experience during which our work has impacted countless lives.

Thanks to the selflessness of egg donors and surrogate mothers, we can help you have a family.


If you are looking for the top surrogate companies, we will give the main five reasons to choose First Step Surrogacy as your trusted agency.


We are transparent about our surrogacy costs. Therefore you know exactly what you should pay in case you are an intended parent and what you will receive if you are an egg donor or surrogate mother. We don’t have hidden fees and explain to you clearly the costs along the way; that way, there are no last-minute suprise costs.


Becoming a surrogate is a vast journey that can change other people’s lives. We consider every gestational carrier should have her agency supporting her during this process. That’s why we answer your questions before, during, and after becoming a surrogate mother. We offer you complete support and guidance during the process.


We have a professional team of experts in surrogacy. We team with lawyers, doctors, case managers, and all the required professionals to manage your process from start to finish. We pave the way to make it as smooth as possible for you.


We offer different programs suited to your needs. Whether you want to become a parent through surrogacy, wish to help a family by becoming a surrogate mother, or want to be an egg donor, we can help you.


We have an entire screening method to ensure we match intended parents with the best surrogates. In that way, we can find the perfect match in every situation.

We are one of the top surrogacy agencies in Florida. Book your consultation today to make your dream come true.

Surrogate agencies near me

You may wonder where to find surrogate agencies near me. First Step Surrogacy is a local agency based in Florida. We work with surrogates and intended parents throughout the state. In case you are in a different state, we can offer surrogacy services at the national level in the states where surrogacy is allowed (We don’t provide international surrogacy). Do not hesitate to contact us.

The first thing intended parents and surrogates tell us when they contact us is, “I want a surrogacy agency near me,” and we understand. Local surrogacy agencies have many benefits. For example, it makes the surrogacy process more straightforward because you can have closer contact with the professionals such as lawyers, doctors, agents, etc. So you have to incur less travel (with the time and money involved). 


Also, when people look for “the best surrogacy agencies near me,” we know they want personalized attention; we understand surrogacy can change your life and is an important decision. Therefore, a local surrogacy agency like us can give you the one-on-one support you need.


First Step Surrogacy works hard to support intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates at any stage of your surrogacy journey. We partner with the best fertility clinics and professional associates to ensure you have the most updated information possible. Whether you have plans of becoming a surrogate, becoming an egg donor, or becoming a parent, we have you covered. 


We want you to feel comfortable and safe before embarking on this journey. If you have any questions about surrogacy, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Best Surrogate Agency-First Step Surrogacy

Looking for the highest paying surrogate agency?

Although many women become surrogate mothers because they want to help a family have kids, they enjoy the pregnancy process and feel satisfied with surrogacy. There is another incentive to become a surrogate mother: surrogacy compensation.


Our applicants undergo a selection process in which we only accept the top applicants as surrogates. We know they are the best, so we offer an excellent compensation package.


We believe surrogates should be compensated generously for the incredible service they provide to the intended parents. Surrogacy compensation guarantees the surrogate mother has peace of mind and can cover all her expenses during the process. We offer a competitive surrogate compensation program if you are looking for the highest-paying surrogate agency in the sector. 


At First Step Surrogacy, we offer compensation ranging from $42,200 to $67,400+. The actual total compensation package depends on various factors, including the surrogate’s state of residence, the number of babies she carries, her health insurance, her prior surrogacy experience, and more. These fees put us as the highest paying surrogate agency in the area. 


Finding out which is the highest paying surrogacy agency shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing an agency. Of course, surrogacy compensation is essential, but it is also vital to have a professional and warm team that can guide and support you during the process. If you have questions regarding Surrogate payment, we look forward to speaking with you more.

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When you’re ready, take your first step with us.

Choosing a surrogacy agency to grow your family is a big decision. We understand that you may have a lot of questions now and throughout the surrogacy process. We welcome you to come to our team at any time for the support and answers you seek.

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