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How Many Times Can You Be a Surrogate? - Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Updated: Jul 5

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is a gratifying experience. You are helping couples achieve their dream of becoming parents, and you can get compensated. There are around 4,000 surrogacy treatments a year, but finding a surrogate is difficult for most couples.

The information about the surrogacy journey is limited. That is why many questions occur to know more about surrogate pregnancy. One of the most asked questions is, how many times can you be a surrogate?

According to a study by Reproductive Medicine Online, surrogate mothers were satisfied with their experiences. Their psychological health was excellent even after various processes, and the experience was considered positive in the long term.

There are no rules about how many times you can be a gestational carrier. Some women have successfully been in this process more than once, and it has worked perfectly. However, there are some essential things to remember for it to happen. Medical experts recommend that you have no more than five previous pregnancies. It is necessary to listen to your body.

Once you've had a traditional surrogacy process, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to do it again. It depends on how your body responds and what kind of relationship you form with the gestational surrogate.

Also, the American Society For Reproductive Medicine guidelines recommends caution for recurring gestating mothers. The main suggestion is to wait at least six months before considering another pregnancy. This time ensures that your body has had enough time to heal from the previous gestational surrogacy.

You can learn more about becoming a surrogate mother on our website. And make an appointment to receive critical information about surrogacy.

How much can I make by being a surrogate mother?

One of the reasons why women may think about becoming surrogate mothers (besides helping the intended parents) is due to the compensation. This monetary help is an essential incentive for a highly gratifying experience. The actual payment we offer may vary, and the base pay can change depending on various factors, including:

  1. The state of residence because many states have strict laws with compensation. These funds will compensate for travel costs, maternity clothes, lost wages, or other expenses during the pregnancy. Some states have regulations regarding these types of payments. In most cases, it is up to the parties involved whether they want additional funds.

  2. The number of babies carried. Regarding compensation packages, some surrogates get paid for carrying multiples or if they deliver twins or triplets.

  3. Experienced surrogates. The mothers who have already gone through the process will have different base compensation.

While most women do not go through this procedure for surrogate compensation, it can still benefit their families significantly.

You can see an estimated compensation package on our website.

What are the surrogacy requirements?

There is a list of minimum requirements for intended mothers in our surrogacy agency. Each surrogacy application is considered case by case, but here are some of the most important aspects we take into account:

  1. Application and Background: You should be able to complete a detailed application and personal interview through First Step. This application will have questions about both your health and mental state. Live in a surrogacy-friendly state, and pass a criminal background check.

  1. Health reviews: Your complete medical record and pass a medical evaluation. We value the mental health and safety of surrogates and their babies. We do not accept surrogates with past pregnancy complications.

  1. Evaluation insurance: Complete and pass drug and nicotine drug screenings. Have a psychological evaluation. And obtain a third-party health insurance policy review and pre-approval to determine if an existing policy can be used for surrogacy.

You can learn more about becoming a surrogate mother on our website and make an appointment.

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